Online Scanners

Kaspersky online scanner

Kaspersky online scanner is a free service which you can use to find out if you have any viruses, trojans, worms or spyware on your machine without having to install new software.

BitDefender Free Online Virus Scan

BitDefender Online Scanner is a fully functional antivirus product. It features all required elements for thorough antivirus scanning and effective cleaning: it scans your system’s memory, all files, folders and drives’ boot sectors, providing you with the option to automatically clean the infected files.

F-Secure Online Scanner

F-Secure Online Virus/Malware Scanner is a free service, which you can use to find out if your computer is infected and disinfect your computer if needed.

Panda Software: Active Scan

Panda Active Scan scans, disinfects and eliminates over 90,000 viruses, worms and Trojans from all system devices.

Trend Micro’s FREE online virus scanner

Trend Micro HouseCall is an application for checking whether your computer has been infected by viruses, spyware, or other malware. HouseCall performs additional security checks to identify and fix vulnerabilities to prevent reinfection.

ESET Online Scanner

The ESET Online Scanner is a free and powerful web application which you can use to remove malware from any PC utilizing only your web browser without having to install anti-virus software.

DrWeb – Free online scanning for viruses

Dr.Web was the first anti-virus to provide in 1996 free service of online scanning for viruses. Now this service is a must on the web-sites of all anti-virus vendors. You also can check any suspicious file by the Dr.Web anti-virus on our web-site.

eTrust Antivirus Web Scanner

The eTrust PestScan shows you what spyware is on your system. It will not remove or modify any files. To remove harmful spyware, you should purchase a full-feature solution, eTrust PestPatrolĀ® Anti-Spyware.

Kaspersky Anti Virus – Free Online File Scanner

If you discover a suspicious file on your machine, or suspect that a program you downloaded from the Internet might be malicious, you can check the files.

Windows Live OneCare safety scanner.

Windows Live OneCare safety scanner is an online service that lets you scan your computer to help protect, clean, and keep it running at its best.

Free service for scanning suspicious files

Virustotal offers a free service for scanning suspicious files using several antivirus engines.

FREE ZoneAlarm Spyware Scanner

Free scan instantly finds spyware, keyloggers, cookies, adware, browser help objects and other pests, at no cost to you.

My Anti Spyware - Free antispyware programs and Spyware Removal Instructions.